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April - June, 2017
Thank you for stopping by to visit Supermarket Distributors of America! Located now in Bohemia, NY...we are growing to meet the vast demand for a full-service distributor that carries all the major and minor Brand name products proudly “Made in the USA” and shipping worldwide for over 60 years!
Why should you buy your goods from us, and skip those other distributors that claim to be the best? First, Supermarket Distributors of America buys directly from every Brand Name American manufacturer that matters in our industry. Never worry about “old” or “discontinued” packaging from us. We always have factory fresh goods in stock or on order, that we guarantee will have expiration dating of over 12 months minimum! We understand you have many choices of where to purchase your goods, and we will do our best to make you feel like you’ve made the best decision working with us. With our 60+ years of experience in the Health, Beauty and Wellness categories, we can help each and every customer with the optimal selection of products to maximize their profits and growth potential. We guaranteed our pricing will be very sharp, and our products will be in stock every day of the year(98% in-stock fill rate).
If you’re looking for a distributor that can supply you with the best products every day of the year, guarantee current packaging, long dating, and provide truckloads of goods if requested, then Supermarket Distributors of America is the best choice you can make! We can ship orders in 24 hours or less, depending on your needs, and can speak directly with every manufacturer, speeding up delivery timing for special orders or container load orders. We ship across the USA and around the world. We offer door-to-port freight service worldwide if requested and we negotiate with the best freight forwarders to save our customers major dollars. We’re now expanding our catalog offerings to bring you the best brand-name products, as we are proud to offer the finest “Made in the USA” selection.
Spring into action with the great Springtime Specials for April/May/June that we are now offering. Try a pallet or two of our SCOPE 1.5 liter mouthwash special, a great value at $5.75 per unit. While in the Oral-Hygiene category, why not added an endcap or pallet of AIM Toothpaste 5.5oz. We’ve got 4 types available at the great price of $0.85 per unit. And why not use a dump display to offer COLGATE extra-clean toothbrushes at the super sale price of $0.50 per unit. With these hot deals, everyone with have fresh breath! Now, before we get to enjoy Spring, with all the trees and plants blooming, allergy season is upon us. That’s when you’ll need to stock up on BENADRYL Allergy 24 Count Ultra-tabs or Gels for some relief. It’s also time for the beach! Get those sun-care endcaps filled for the summer sun rush. The most popular choices in this category have been the aerosol mist sprays. Try BANANA BOAT and HAWAIIAN TROPIC 6oz mist sprays in a variety of SPF choices for Sports, kids and babies. With the warm weather coming, your bath, body and deodorant categories will require heavy inventory to fill your customers needs. Try a few pallets of OLD SPICE body wash in assorted varieties @ $2.95 each or Suave 30oz shampoos and conditioners @ $2.25 each. Make a cut-case end-cap of ARM & HAMMER ULTRAMAX deodorant in assorted types @ $2.50 each, a Variety of NAIR Depilatory lotions @ $4.75 each, or a selection of VIC 100ml(3.3oz) lotions @ 0.95 each!
Place your orders any way you’d like, 24/7/365 on our Supermarket Distributors of America website, Call us (631-273-3900), email us ( or fax us (631-273-4099) for assistance, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, EST. All orders are laser scanned to ensure accuracy, and double checked before wrapping, packing, and shipping them out!
Supermarket Distributors of America is the best solution for all your Health, Beauty, Wellness, and General Merchandise supplies. With over 65 years of success, we look forward to helping many more customers grow, profit, and succeed in the future. Start with us today, and your success will be assured!

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