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January - March, 2018
Happy New Year to all our valued customers! Supermarket Distributors of America is a family run business that truly cares about each and every customer, new and old. Our goal is to deliver top notch service and use our experience to help you grow your Health, Beauty and Wellness business. Our vast selection of the products, from the most popular USA manufacturers such as Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Colgate, Nature’s Bounty, Pfizer, Unilever and many more guarantee you will find all the products you need. Our low minimum order of $1500 makes it easy to order, and our volume discounts help you expand your business and increase your bottom line profits!
Need a small order….no problem, a pallet problem, a truckload order or multiple containers…no problem! We have an “in-stock” percentage close to 98%, so your orders will always be filled, while we are constantly re-ordering any products needed daily. We also add new products monthly as our customers request them and as the manufacturers add new products to the marketplace. We offer many choices for speedy deliver across the country and around the world. We can help you cut your shipping costs with our very reliable freight forwarders and LTL / TL carriers.
Now, finding the best deals is our top job. We’ll help you be competitive in the marketplace, for growing your customer base and keeping up with the big-box goliaths that try to squeeze your bottom line. We exceed in our efforts year-round to bring great deals to our doors for your benefit.
With the New Year brings new hopes for better deals than before…...and we’ve got some great ones to start the year off right! To begin with, ULTRA-BRITE toothpaste 6oz, BIC Disposable razors 5 count, BLISTEX lip products are all priced at .99 cents! The ULTRA-BRITE makes sense to cut-case, end-cap, or drop a pallet display. For our high volume customers, an assorted truckload or container should be considered. Since the winter is here and the ice and snow are coming, why not stock up on our .99 super deal for a 20” Snow-Brush with built in Ice-scraper. These come packed 36 units per case. Perfect to highlight at your front-end store locations. For the bath category, we’ve got a great deal on AXE Body-Wash/Shower-Gel 250ml in an variety of choice scents for only $1.69 per unit. Another worthwhile end-cap or pallet promotion. And we do not stop there….since you can also feature KLEENEX White Tissues 170 count boxes. At a cost of $1.69 per unit, this is another cold-weather deal for your front-end business to draw new customers in!
More Super-Specials this month include SCOPE mouthwash 1-liter size Classic mint($3.79), Niagara Spray Starch 20oz Heavy-Duty($1.49), LUCKY hand sanitizing gel 8oz pump bottles(.89) , FINESSE 15oz Shampoos & Conditioners($2.99) and many more!
Contact us in any manner you choose: call, email or fax us your orders. Supermarket Distributors of America is open 24/7/365 to help you in any way possible. Please visit us at, and take a look at all we have to offer! We wish to make your order experience a pleasant one, so you may achieve successful results. Supermarket Distributors of America cares about you, and we hope you give us a chance to prove it to you. We hope to make your 2018 a wonderful new year filled with Health, Happiness. Profitability and Growth.

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