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Looking to buy a great tasting toothpaste in a gel that provides protection against cavities and freshens your breath? SDA stocks all Aim Products. Your customers will love Aim Toothpaste Gel Whitening in a fresh mint flavor with baking soda. There is also a tartar control gel in a cool mint flavor. Each one provides a Multi-Benefit that Cleans, Freshens, Protects, and contains fluoride to help prevent cavities. So as their saying goes, "Take Aim Against Cavities".

Aim Toothpaste in Bulk Quantities

Supermarket Distributors of America buys wholesale Aim toothpaste products in volume so you are getting the best deal around. Aim was first introduced by Unilever in 1973, and the brand was then bought by Church & Dwight in 2003. SDA stocks bulk Aim toothpaste and buys at the best price so you can pass the savings along to your customers.

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We are all about customer service. SDA offers Next day shipping for orders placed before noon and all orders are scanned with bar code readers to insure order accuracy. We are able to ship your order with our trucks, by UPS or any other method you would like.