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Supermarket Distributors of America is your one stop supplier for all of your first aid products. Our warehouse stocks Johnson & Johnson's Band-Aid brand of adhesive bandages. The makers of Band-Aid Brand do not manufacture any of the store brand products. We have children's Band-Aids with their favorite characters on them to protect their cut and scrapes. There are numerous J&J Band-Aids to use that will take care of your wound. A wound heals faster if it is covered versus one that is uncovered. As always, seek professional help for medical emergencies.
Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid's uses a QuiltVent Technology that creates air channels within the pad so your wound will be able to breathe. It also draws away blood to keep wounds clean. There are Band-Aid Sheer Strips in a 80, 60, and 40 count in assorted sizes, and a 40 count wide bandage for your minor cuts and scrapes. J&J also has Clear Strips in a 30 & 40 count, and a 50 count Clear Spots that blends with your skin, so it is less visible. Some of the Band-Aid's are made with a heavy-duty durable fabric such as the Tough Strips so they stay on until you take them off. Then there's the Flexible Fabric that will bend with you and a pad that won't stick to your wound when you remove it.
Another type of bandage J&J distributes is a Band-Aid with a antibiotic to prevent infection and minimize the appearance of scars. The Band-Aid Activ-Flex is a premium adhesive bandage that gives you an all around flexibility that moves when you do. It outlasts regular bandages and is one hundred percent waterproof to protect against dirt and germs. For the sports enthusiasts there are Sport Strips that have a foam pad to cushion wounds that is non-stick and water resistant. You can find any of the above J&J brand products on SDA's website in any quantity at wholesale prices.

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Basic Band-Aids like Clear Strips, Sheer Strips and Adhesive Pads come in assorted sizes or one size.
Active Lifestyles Band-Aids include Sports Strips, Waterblock Plus, Activ-Flex, Advanced Healing, and Flexible Fabric adhesive bandages.
Advanced Protection and Durable Protection Bandages are Band-Aid plus Antibiotic and Tough Strips. Supermarket Distributors of America supplies wholesale Band-Aids in volume.
For children J&J has created decorative Band-Aids just for kids. Products are Hello Kitty, Spongebob, Dora the Explorer, Kemit the Frog, Phineas and Ferb, Mickey Mouse, and Disney Princess, just to name a few.

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We are all about customer service. SDA offers Next day shipping for orders placed before noon and all orders are scanned with bar code readers to insure order accuracy. We are able to ship your order with our trucks, by UPS or any other method you would like.