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When the winter months are upon us the first sign your customers feel are their dry chapped lips. If you're looking for wholesale Chapstick lip balm distributors, you'll be sure to find us on the web at Since your face is most likely always exposed to the harsh effects of the cold temperatures and wind in the winter, it causes lips to crack and become chapped. Chapstick lip balm places a barrier to stop moisture loss and softens them for smooth, soft lips. Use every day to help heal and prevent dry, chapped lips. There are other uses for Chapstick besides your lips. Rub it into cuticles to soften and moisturize them. Manage out of control eyebrows. When zippers get stuck, try using Chapstick for lubrication.

SDA Distributes Medicated Chapstick

Be sure to buy bulk Chapstick products whether you're a local mom and pop or large chain store so you'll always be in stock. Supermarket Distributors of America has a large selection of lip balms. Chapstick Classics, America's favorite lip balm is available in Original, Strawberry, Cherry, and Spearmint. Chapstick Moisturizer provides 2 in 1 lip care for soft healthy lips for eight hours and a SPF of 15 to protect lips from the sun. If you need a higher SPF of 25, there's a Sun Defense Chapstick which offers protection from the sun's damaging rays. There's also a medicated one that soothes, hydrates, and heals the most severely dry lips anytime of the year. Its active ingredients, camphor, menthol, and phenol help to relieve pain associated with cracked lips, fever blisters, and cold sores. Wholesale Chapstick lip products is manufactured by Pfizer and was invented in early 1880's by Dr. Charles Browne Fleet and has evolved into the well-known brand for chapped lips.

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47005CHAPSTICK BLISTERCARDED .15 oz REGULAR 3057307011291.48

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