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Allergies can start at any time depending on what you're allergic to and where you live. When your customers are suffering from allergies and they need relief be prepared by stocking up on wholesale Claritin from Supermarket Distributors of America. Most important see your doctor to find out whether symptoms are from an allergy or something else like the common cold. Allergies are caused by allergens which are substances like pollen and dander that are normally harmless, but people with allergies have an immune system that sees it as a threat and attacks it. Diagnosing your allergies can be pretty straightforward if you sneeze when you're around pets or dust, or symptoms act up during pollen season. If you don't know what is causing your symptoms you should see an allergist.

Wholesale Claritin Antihistamine

Knowing now what triggers your allergies, you can learn how Claritin helps to ease those troublesome symptoms. If you suffer from outdoor allergies which are referred to as seasonal allergies that change with every season or where you reside. Those allergens are outside like grass and weed pollens. Indoor allergies are around all year but are bothersome in the winter when people spend more time indoors. SDA supplies bulk Claritin products so you will always have it available year round. We purchase directly from Bayer so you are always receiving quality merchandise. Claritin is sold in non-drowsy 24 hr tabs, Claritin Redi-Tabs 12 and 24 hr, and Claritin Liqui-Gels 24 hr. Claritin-D is also available from the pharmacist without a prescription. For children there are Claritin products in a chewable or liquid form, and Redi-Tabs 12-24 hr for juniors.

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