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Curad started back in 1951 with quality first aid products which have been known by their tin containers that held the greatest Curad bandages. Children and their parents loved to use the empty tins for small items from baseball cards to bobby pins and nails. Since the beginning Curad created an extraordinary bandage known as the first "Ouchless Pads" which was patented in 1960. They also made them easy to use throughout the years when they developed the wrapper to tear apart on each bandage. Supermarket Distributors of America purchases wholesale Curad band aids from Medline Industries who acquired the Curad brand in 2007. They revived the brand by developing new solutions for a full range of health care and first aid products. Medline is family owned, and a privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical products for home, hospital, and long term care.

Buying Bulk Curad Adhesive & Sport Tape

Buying bulk Curad bandages saves you money whether you're a dime store or a large chain store. Stock up on wholesale Curad Comfort Fabric band-aids which is light and breathable and bends with skin. If your customers' wounds need protection from water there's Curad Waterproof bandages and adhesive tape. As for children's first aid needs load up on bulk Curad bandaids such as Camp Camo in a 25 count in assorted colors. There's a Curad Sports Tape for multi-purpose uses. It's durable and withstands water and sweat while providing firm support and protection. It's also great for athletic equipment such as baseball bats, hockey sticks, and racquetball racquets. Whatever your customers' needs are, wholesale Curad bandages are available from SDA directly or online from our website at

Curad Products Wholesale

14027CURAD ALCOHOL SWABS 100 COUNT8843891299471.33
14019CURAD NONSTICK PADS 2 INCH X 3 INCH 10 COUNT0801963001601.48
14020CURAD NONSTICK PADS 3 INCH X 4 INCH 10 COUNT0801963000851.91
14165CURAD PLASTIC BANDAGES 60 COUNT0801963028501.11
14012CURAD SHEER BANDAGES 60 COUNT0801963028671.11
14025CURAD SPORT TAPE 1.5 INCH x 10 YARDS1934890299802.12
14022CURAD WATERPROOF TAPE .5 INCH X 10 YARDS0801963210731.75
27128CURAD EXAM GLOVES LARGE 200 COUNT0801963040145.30
27126CURAD INSTANT COLD PACK 2 PACK0801967786311.06
27127CURAD REUSABLE HOT & COLD PACK8843891221082.01

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