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The most hated beauty ritual women find is shaving their legs. It's probably due to the fact that it's the largest area of a woman's body that needs to be shaved on a regular basis. For some women that could mean every day, and every other day for the rest of us. That could add up to seventy two days women may spend their time shaving over the span of their lifetime. It's one of the beauty rituals women hate especially since many people won't even notice your shaved legs. You can love to shave again by purchasing Gillette Razors for women. Procter & Gamble distributes Gillette Razors directly to Supermarket Distributors of America.
The first three blade razor designed for women is the Gillette Venus Original Razor with protective cushions to smooth out skin for a close shave. Then there is the Gillette Venus Breeze Razor with built in shave bars and also has three blades for a silky, close shave. Gillette also has a Venus Spa Breeze Razor with the same features as above but with a white tea scented shave gel bar. Gillette also created the first women's razor with five blades that glide closely across your skin to shave every hair and even your bikini line. It is the Gillette Venus Embrace Razor in green, pink, and purple. All of these Gillette Razors for women also have refillable cartridges in a 4 and 8 count Razor Blades package that is also available to purchase at SDA's web site. Lastly, Gillette has the Simply Venus Disposable razors which provide a really close shave at an affordable price. Supermarket Distributors of America is your source for Gillette women's razor at wholesale cost.

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Gillette Daisy 5 Count and Gillette Daisy 2 Count are Great Disposable Women's Razors.
Venus Breeze Razor and the Venus Breeze Refill 4 Count Razor Blades for smooth leg and arm shaving.
Venus Oceanblue Disposable Razor 3 Count and Venus Simplypink Disposable Razor 4 Count are terrific 3 blade Razors.

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