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Wholesale Duracell 9 Volt Alkaline Batteries 1 Pack

Wholesale Duracell 9 Volt Batteries
Alkaline 1 Pack

UPC CODE: 500039402674
SDA CODE: 35000
PRICE: 4.23

Duracell 9 Volt Batteries in Bulk Quantities.
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Wholesale batteries by Duracell
Product sold as 1 Pack

A 9 volt battery can be used for garage door remote controls
They carry more power to the device than other popular battery sizes.
A normal 9 volt battery will generate about 500 milliamps and are compact in size.

When you need lots of power, use Duracell Coppertop 9 volt Batteries.

Duracell 9 Volt Alkaline Batteries 1 Pack at Low Prices