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Wholesale Duracell C 2 Pack 

Wholesale Duracell C Batteries

Duracell C 2 Pack

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Duracell C Batteries 2 Pack


Stockpile your inventory of C cell batteries so your customers will know you have plenty on hand at bargain prices. Increase your profits by acquiring your Duracell C batteries in large volumes from Supermarket Distributors of America.
Enjoy tremendous savings on all 'C' batteries. SDA supplies batteries to convenience stores, online retailers, chain stores, boutiques and many more.

Duracell C Batteries in Bulk Quantities.
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Wholesale batteries by Duracell
Product sold as 2 Pack

Use on battery powered musical instruments.
C type batteries deliver plenty of power when needed.
C cells are perfect to use in lanterns for camping and emergency lighting for times when you have a power outage.

Never recharge a battery that is not explicitly labeled rechargeable. The battery could rupture or leak.

Duracell C Batteries. Buy in 2 Packs at Low Prices