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Wholesale Scope Mouthwash 250Ml Original Mint

Scope Mouthwash 250Ml Original Mint

UPC CODE: 037000956600
SDA CODE: 44130
PRICE: 2.97
Scope Classic Mouthwash - Original Mint

Get fresh with the delicious mint flavor of the Scope Mouthwash that started it all.

Use Scope mouthwash. Its revolutionary technology is specifically designed to both kill bad breath germs and the odor-causing compounds found in the kinds of foods that cause the worst type of bad breath.

How do you describe the minty fresh flavor that started it all? It’s an original. A classic that leaves your breath feeling clean, and you feeling confident enough to get close.
Kills 99% of bad breath germs (in lab tests)
Gives you fresh breath and the confidence to get close
Scope Mouthwash Mint Flavor

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