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150402.28036602079175Ricola Cough Drops Original 21 Count
150422.11036602072909Ricola Cherry Honey Cough Drops 24 Count
150432.28036602192102Ricola Cough Drops Lemon Mnt Sugar Free 19 Count
150602.28036602300019Ricola Cough Drops Honey Herb 24 Count

Throat lozenge is sometimes called a cough drop. Cough drops were at first created to be a cough candy. Ricola cough drops dissolve slowly in your mouth. Ricola cough drops lubricate and soothe your inflamed tissues in your throat, for a short period of time.

Ricola Herbs are grown on Swiss Mountains.
Provides you relief from coughs that are due to colds or flu.
Ricola Cough Drops supplies comfort for itchy throats from allergies.

Ricola Throat Drops come in various flavors:

Ricola Cough Drops Original
Ricola Cough Drops Cherry Honey
Ricola Cough Drops Sugar Free Lemon Mint
Ricola Cough Drops Honey Herb

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