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      Supermarket Distributors of America has been in the wholesale health & beauty distribution business for over fifty years servicing Supermarkets, Hotels, C Stores, Grocery Stores, Convenience store supplies, Drug stores, Variety stores and many College & University Bookstores.

Guest Supplies - Hotel Amenities - Hospitality Supplies

      Supermarket Distributors of America is a wholesale distributor and supplier of personal care supplies and personal care products. We carry a full line of Guest Supplies, Hotel Amenities and Hospitality Supplies.

Bar Soaps and Body Wash, Hand Sanitizers, Liquid Soaps, Towelettes, Antibacterial, Hand Lotions and Face Creams, Lens Cleaners, Personal Care Products, Shaving Supplies, Deodorants, After Shave, Headache and Pain, First Aid Kits and Supplies, Feminine Care, Razors, Razor Blades, OTC Medicines, Sewing Kits, Combs, Brushes, HairSpray, Shaving Creams and Gels, Nail Care, Shower Caps, Powder, Baby Needs, Baby Oil, Petroleum Jelly. Click Here To View Our Entire Product Catalog.

College & University Store Distribution

      Princeton, Colgate, Texas A&M, Central Michigan, U. of Wisconsin, S. Virginia, and many SUNY & CUNY Universities are supplied by us just to name a few. Stop N Shop, Foodtown, Piggly- Wiggly, Hy-Vee, Ctown, Met Foods, Pioneer, IGA and Associated supermarkets are also using our services.

      We have the experience and expertise necessary to respond quickly to any concerns or needs of our customers. We provide every campus bookstore with an HBC - HBA, Ethnic, Housewares, and General merchandise setup that is consistent and fully stocked with only the fastest movers in each category. The product mix is always geared toward the college students.

Distributors of General Merchandise

      Many University and College Stores Convenience store suppliers ask for a wholesaler merchandising display to feature all of the products in a one-stop shopping experience. Our solution is a four-sided premium oak-finished, wood display that is attractive in any location of the campus stores, and can hold up to $6,000 of assorted merchandise.

General Merchandise-HBC Floor Display Products

13141DOVE BW 500ML INDULGING4000388176903.0713141
13144ZEST BODYWASH 18ozOCEAN#010218165590102123.1713144
14006J&J BAND CLEAR 45CT#81370057013813700570172.8114006
14009J&J BAND FLEX 30'S#813700443073813700443073.5014009
15035HALLS BAG 30CT CHERY#62182/5493125466254951.3315035
15036HALLS BAG 30CT H/LEM#62183/8693125460022721.3315036
15060RICOLA HONEY/HERB 24CT#300010366023000192.0115060
15040RICOLA ORIGINAL/MH 21CT#079170366020791752.0115040
16031AIRBORNE LEMONLIME 10'S#100046478651000416.7816031
16030AIRBORNE ORANGE 10'S#100016478651000106.7816030
16056BENADRYL ALLER 24'S TABS#170313125471703145.3516056
16150CLARITIN 10MG TABS 5'S#80220411008031776.5216150
18005Q-TIPS 170'S#070003052103570061.6418005
20541AXE 2.7ozAP/SOLID PHOENIX#51100794005511084.1320541
20441DEGREE 1.6ozIS/POWDER#251500794002515032.0120441
20407DEGREE MEN 1.7ozIS/COOL#116760794001167652.0120407
20471DOVE 1.6ozIS/POWDER#50020/91840794005002052.2820471
20363LADY SS 1.4ozID/P-FRESH#963690222009636951.4820363
20432LADY SS 1.4ozID/SH-FRESH#962990222009629951.4820432
20097MENN SS 1.8ozDEOD/REG#940200222009402071.4820097
20024SECRET SOLID 1.7zPF#37000124420370001244291.4820024
21025NAIR LOTION 9ozBABY-OIL#223190226002231915.2921025
23010B&L SENS EYE 12ozPLUS#002383101190023842.9923010
23100VISINE .5oz ADVANCED#008480743000084865.4623100
25070JERGENS LOT 10ozORIGINAL#109930191001101513.5325070
25391LUBRIDERM 3ozNORMAL/DRY#488440528004884412.1125391
25171ST.IVES SCRUB APRICOT 6z#103600770431056273.5025171
26049SUMMERS EVE SINGLE VW/XC#087270416080872771.0326049
26085TROJAN ENZ/LUBRICATE 3CT#930500226009305011.6426085
26055TROJAN ENZ/NON-LUB 3CT#920500226009205021.3826055
26061TROJAN MAGNUM/LUB 3'S#642030226006420391.9126061
26058TROJAN STIM/U-R/LUB 3CT#940500226009405001.9126058
26135TROJAN SUPRA/BS/LUB 3CT#902200226009022014.1326135
27105DIGITAL ADULT THERMOMETER6973622132583.1827105
27108DIGITAL PROBE/COVERS 30'S#60258408140602541.2727108
27068NEOSPORIN PLUS OINT.5zMS#746883008107468855.6227068
30009LA LOOKS GEL 20ozMEGA/FL#132100416701321032.6430009
31352FRUCTIS CND 12ozCOLOR#491426030844914213.5031352
31351FRUCTIS CND 13ozDMG/ERASE#11816030844118183.5031351
31381H.ESS CND 10zBODY#81519055043815190550413.3431381
32301AQUANET 11ozAERO X/S/SC#600130679906001392.5432301
32302AQUANET 11ozAERO X/S/UNS#600110679906001152.5432302
32025FINESSE AERO 7ozEXTRA#76/500530679905005383.1332025
32034FRUCTIS AERO 8.25ozULTRA#260146030842601403.9832034
33181ADVIL 20'S LIQUIGELS#169203057301692024.5633181
33098ADVIL 24'S TABS#150203057301502004.2933098
33131ALEVE TABLETS 24 COUNT#105013258661050114.6633131
33036BAYER 24'S REG/TABS#12843555363128435553653.4533036
33044EXCEDRIN ES/CAPS 24CT#000243006720002484.9333044
33004TYLENOL ES CPLTS 24'S#449053004504490543.9833004
35002DURACELL "AA" 4PK#415015000394096012.4935002
35009DURACELL "AAA" 4PK#424015000394026772.4935009
35004DURACELL "C" 2PK#214010413330009923.7635004
35005DURACELL "D" 2PK#213010413332130193.7635005
41011KRAZY GLUE TUBE .07oz#000050701580000541.1341011
42011GEM SLANT TIP TWEEZER#402230720324022370.6942011
44126LIST POCKETMIST C/MINT#339310125473390172.9244126
44117LIST POCKETPK 24S C/MINT#433100125474331041.4844117
44120LIST POCKETPK 24S FBURST#436100125474361051.4844120
44101LISTERINE 250ML COOLMINT#427205010123703503.2344101
44102LISTERINE 250ML F/BURST#428205010123703433.2344102
44100LISTERINE 250ML ORIGINAL#701285010123703403.2344100
44130SCOPE CLASSIC 250ML#37000956600370009566003.0744130
46000VASELINE JAR 3.75oz#326005005213212071.9146000
47026NEUT .15ozLIP/MOIST/TUBE#042000705010420072.8147026
47006VASE L/THER TB.35ozADVAN#750003052127500031.2747006
48143BIC SHAVER 12'S SENSITIV#708410703307084192.9948143
48180FUSION 5 RAZOR#47400658890474006588999.2848180
48181FUSION REFILL 4CT#474001565704740015657915.6448181
48036GIL DAISY 5CT#47400657190474006571994.7648036
48207GIL MACH3 REFIL 5CT#474000737104740007371513.2448207
48021GIL SENSOR2 5CT PIV#47400658520474006585234.7648021
48062GIL SENSOR2 5CT REG#47400658530474006585304.7648062
48203VENUS BREEZ REF 4S#474000710604740007106318.1048203
50151ALWAYS UT LG+W 16CT#37000306570370003065733.8250151
50014CAREFREE PL 22CT AF/THIN#069910783000699111.1350014
50052STAYFREE MAXI 10CT SUPER#070350783000703511.7650052
50141TAMPAX 10'S REGULAR#73010214090730102140952.4450141
50142TAMPAX 10'S SUPER#73010314090730103140922.4450142
51442FRUCTIS SHP 12.5ozCOLOR#491416030844914143.5051442
51466H&S 12.8oz2N1/SMTH#37000733440370007334475.6251466
51465H&S 13.5oz2N1/CLASS#37000062030370000620355.6251465
51464H&S 13.5ozDRYSCALP#37000061990370000619915.6251464
51486H.ESS 2N1 10zHYDRA#81519058573815190585783.3451486
51483H.ESS SHP 10zBODY#81519055033815190550343.3451483
52063BARBASOL 10oz ALOE#00273/0510090027311.4752063
52057EDGE 7ozSENSITIVE#005208410580052092.8152057
52038SKINTIMATE 7ozSTRAW/TANG#005578410580055752.8152038
53009SERIES A/S 3.3ozC/W#47400131900474001319035.0953009
54054DOVE BATH 2-BAR 4ozWHITE#611330111116113372.9754054
54001IRISH/SP 3.75oz3PK/ORIG#141080350001410882.0154001
54037PURELL GEL 2ozREGULAR#023880738520238861.3354037
56072ORALB INDICATOR/SOFT#7868473014260786840.8556072
56087REACH CRYSTAL/C TB SOFT#195088400401950891.0556087
56002REACH FLOSS 55YDS/WX/MINT#92173813700921791.3356002
58050COL 6ozREGULAR/PASTE#510880350005108841.6958050
58098COL 6ozWHITE/PASTE#510870350005108771.6958098
58361COL MAXFRESH 6ozCLEAN/M#764690350007646902.9258361
58341COL TOTAL 5.8ozAD/FRESH#76222/0350007622214.1358341
58025CREST 6.4zREG/PSTE#37000003210370000032122.1158025
58179CREST X/WHT 6.2zCM#3700030757/0370003075703.7658179
60026SCUNCI ELASTIC PONY 30CT#172780431941727881.8660026

      When ordering a merchandising display, we can planogram the products so the setup time is minimized and the selection is tailored to each bookstores needs. Some stores require more of one category than another, so we adjust their planogram to fit them! Every customer is treated special and we pride ourselves in satisfying all the campus store’s goals for a Health & Beauty Care / Houswares section that is unique to them.

      Every display has approximately 300 sku’s of the fastest moving general merchandise - health & beauty care products and Housewares Manufactures across all the categories . We also provide shelf labels for all the important product information and retail pricing for every product. These labels are not only printed for the initial setup, but on all orders, in case any labels are damaged, or in case of any price changes. All stores provide us with the gross profit margin desired, so our technicians can program a retail zone for all the selected products for the individual store.

      We provide a catalog every month, which lists all our products, with code numbers and minimum purchase requirements, so any store manager can place orders easily. The catalog lists all products in category order and alphabetic order too. Orders may be placed by phone, fax, or email. All orders placed by 12pm, are shipped the same day via UPS or LTL delivery. Prepaid freight is included with all orders over $750.

      We also understand that products can get damaged in the process of operating a store. We offer a .5% Allowance that may be deducted from each invoice to cover these incidental damages. All the manufacturer policies in the past 15 years have changed, and 95% of all manufacturers’ do not give us any credit for Damages or returns.

      If your store doesn’t require a display, we would be very happy to Provide all your needs, to fill your existing shelves. If you have any questions, please call us at 631-273-3900. I hope that we can form a mutually beneficial relationship in the near future. Thank you for your consideration and time.


Terry Feinberg

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