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Adult incontinence is a problem no one wants to happen to them much less talk about. Bladder leakage can vary from a slight loss of urine from laughing, coughing, and sneezing to a more moderate loss of urine. Supermarket Distributors of America wholesales Tena products to a multitude of stores for their customers who have urinary incontinence. It can occur at any time and is an embarrassing problem as people get older. There are a variety of types of bladder leakage which many people experience from minor leaks to more moderate amounts. Stress incontinence is when urine leaks caused by pressure on the bladder by lifting something heavy, exercising etc. When there is a sudden urge to urinate, then a involuntary loss of urine it's called urge incontinence. While these are just a few of the symptoms of bladder leakage your customers should always seek medical advice to get a proper diagnosis. SDA has a large volume of bulk Tena products to meet the necessities of the market.

Bulk Bladder Leakage Products by Tena

The Tena brand is owned by Essity, and is an established brand leader in Canada, as well as a growing brand in the USA. They are a worldwide leader in the management of incontinence products and improving the everyday life for customers who experience bladder leakage. You will find wholesale Tena incontinence products on our website at We purchase Tena products directly from Johnson & Johnson. There are a variety of Tena Products just for women in a range of different sizes and absorbencies to fit their type of leakage. Tena Serenity products protect women from light bladder leakage with Tena incontinence liners and ultra thin pads. For men incontinence products, Tena has protective shields and guards designed for comfort and for performance. Be sure to stock up and save on all bulk Tena products for your customers who need to control unexpected bladder leakage.

Tena Pads and Liners at Wholesale

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50247TENA SERENITY HEAVY REGULAR 56 COUNT38004049400819.88

Wholesale Tena Incontinence Products

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