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We all have experienced at some time or another that dreaded pain when you get a toothache. That is why it is so important to stock up on wholesale Anbesol products so your customers get instant relief from the pain that comes when you get a toothache. Anbesol Maximum Strength is a well-known adult oral pain reliever you can buy without a prescription. It contains twenty percent benzocaine, an oral anesthetic to temporarily relieve pain associated with not only toothaches but canker sores, sore gums, braces and denture irritations. Supermarket Distributors of America purchases bulk Anbesol products from Pfizer so you know you're buying a product your customers can trust.

Anbesol Oral Pain Reliever

Anbesol is available at most retailers and comes in regular or maximum strength, in the form of a gel or liquid. So if you have a cavity or lost a filling and you are experiencing throbbing pain Anbesol provides instant relief and is recommended by pharmacists. It can help relieve not only toothaches but also the pain and discomfort from canker sores inside the mouth. For cold sores and fever blisters outside the mouth try Anbesol Cold Sore Therapy. Ask your dentist for use after any pain you might experience after minor dental procedures. Do not use in children under two, or if there's an allergy to any of the "caine" anesthetics, and see warnings information for a serious condition on back of product. Be sure to buy Anbesol products from SDA in volume so you will always be in stock.

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