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Beiersdorf manufactures an over-the-counter skin protectant in an ointment and under the brand name Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment. It is fragrance free and has no preservatives. The active ingredient is 41 percent of Petrolatum which protects skin for a limited period of time from minor burns and cuts or scrapes. It creates an excellent environment for healing and a protective barrier to stop moisture loss to soothe and nourish skin. Buying Wholesale Aquaphor Healing Ointment in bulk will save you an enormous amount of dollars, since it's the number one dermatologist approved brand for dry, cracked skin and minor wounds. It is entirely formulated to restore smooth healthy skin.

Wholesale Aquaphor Baby Products

Supermarket Distributors of America has added to their baby products line with Beiersdorf's brand of Wholesale Aquaphor Baby Gentle Skin Care Products. They are a pediatrician recommended brand and is gentle on baby's skin. Aquaphor Baby Wash & Aquaphor Baby Shampoo is preservative free and contains no fragrances which are gentle on baby's sensitive skin and scalp. If your store would like to stock a diaper rash cream, Aquaphor makes one that soothes, treats and prevents diaper rash. You can purchase bulk Aquaphor Baby Diaper Rash Cream that contains Zinc Oxide and Panthenol which places an effective barrier between baby's skin and diaper all night long. Finally, purchasing Wholesale Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment will be your stores number one seller for baby's numerous skin care needs. It was created for multi purposes from chapped, dry cheeks to dry skin to heal and protect to restore healthy skin.

Beiersdorf Brand Lip Products always in Stock

Another great Aquaphor product made exclusively for lips is Aquaphor Lip Repair .35oz in a single pack or also available in a two pack which will save you money. If you are looking for a lip protectant with sunscreen buy wholesale Aquaphor Lip Protectant with SPF 30 to relieve dryness and protect delicate lips from UVA and UVB rays. It is also great for relieving chapped lips and dry skin from the effects of cold temperatures and wind. If your customers are looking for a product specifically for lips, you can buy bulk Aquaphor Lip Repair to soothe dry cracked lips so they look softer and feel healthier and also is healing.

Aquaphor Lip & Baby Wholesale

12213AQUAPHOR BABY DIAPER CREAM 3.5 oz0721400025036.56
12215AQUAPHOR BABY OINTMENT 14 oz07214063386817.48
12214AQUAPHOR BABY OINTMENT 3 oz0721406337768.79
12211AQUAPHOR BABY WASH & SHAMPOO 16.9 oz0721400210928.79
12212AQUAPHOR BABY WASH & SHAMPOO 25.4 oz07214002108511.12
27079AQUAPHOR ITCH RELIEF OIINTMENT 1 oz0721400311147.84
27074AQUAPHOR OINTMENT 1.75 oz TUBE0721404523156.24
27076AQUAPHOR OINTMENT 7 oz TUBE07214001945713.56
27077AQUAPHOR OINTMENT JAR 14 oz #6360807214063608117.48
27080AQUAPHOR OINTMENT JAR 2.8oz NEW!0721400371167.41
27075AQUAPHOR OINTMENT.35 oz 2-PACK0721401104756.24
47030AQUAPHOR LIP REPAIR .35 oz0721400063892.98
47031AQUAPHOR LIP REPAIR 2-PACK .35 oz 8.26
47032AQUAPHOR LIP REPAIR SPF#30 .35 oz0721400101194.12
47033AQUAPHOR LIP REPAIR SPF#30 2PK.35 oz0072140022248.26

Wholesale Aquaphor Baby Skin Care Products

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