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Barbasol is owned by Perio, Inc. and was created in 1919 by MIT Professor Frank Shields. It's an American brand of shaving cream, made in the USA, and has been around now for a hundred years. He created a product which did not have to be worked up into a lather like the original formula which was a thick lotion in a tube. Frank Shields established The Barbasol Company in 1920. By the mid-1950's, Robert P. Kaplan, a design engineer invented the first shaving cream in an aerosol can and patented it. The Barbasol Company modified the formula from the thick lotion into the creamy, fluffy foam, in the trademark design of a barber's pole that is still used today. The Barbasol Company was bought by Pfizer in 1962 and they went on to develop other versions to add to the original like Extra Protection, Cool Menthol and also gel versions of the same brand. By the 1990s sales had slowed down and they sold to Perio in 2001.

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You can purchase wholesale Barbasol Shaving Cream from Supermarket Distributors of America. The original size a 10oz is now condensed to a slim, easy to hold 7oz can in the same barbershop pole design. Stock up with bulk Barbasol products in Original, Soothing Aloe, and Pacific Rush. The Barbasol Sensitive Skin shaving cream is made with aloe, thyme, papaya and willow bark to moisturize and protect skin from the irritation of shaving. All wholesale Barbasol shave creams have the same formula and quality ingredients that makes a thick, rich lather and great razor glide.

Shave Creams by Barbasol

52133BARBASOL SHAVE CREAM 7 oz EXTRA MOIST0510090076752.01
52131BARBASOL SHAVE CREAM 7 oz ALOE0510090077432.01
52130BARBASOL SHAVE CREAM 7 oz ORIGINAL0510090073542.01
52134BARBASOL SHAVE CREAM 7 oz PACIFIC0510090076992.01
52132BARBASOL SHAVE CREAM 7 oz SENSITIVE0510090076132.01
57007BARBASOL SHAVE CREAM 2 oz SENSITIVE0510090002561.22

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