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In today's world the technology is forever changing, and without wholesale batteries for your household we would never be able to operate most of these products. You can purchase wholesale batteries direct from Supermarket Distributors of America online or by calling their customer service number. On a daily basis we use many items that require wholesale 9 volt batteries such as television remotes and video game controllers. How many of us remember getting up off the couch to change the channel or to shut off the television? The video game controllers required children to plug them into the system to play. Don't forget about those special occasions, such as birthdays and holidays when children received gifts that required different types of batteries in all sizes and we carry bulk batteries in aaa. The most common type of batteries that most products utilize are the alkaline batteries brands, distributed by SDA from two well-known companies Procter & Gamble and Energizer which are batteries manufacturers. There are lithium batteries for long lasting power for the high-tech devices from MP3 players to digital cameras.

Retailers need to know where to buy batteries in bulk quantities especially around the holiday season. In order to meet the high demand, Supermarket Distributors of America sells cheap batteries online like Duracell and Energizer to your local supermarkets and convenience stores around the USA.
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Wholesale Distributors of Energizer Batteries

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Brands of Batteries and Manufacturers of Alkaline Batteries

Supermarket Distributors of America Carries Energizer and Duracell brands of AA batteries.
Proctor and Gamble and Energizer Company are a few of the battery manufacturers in USA.

Wholesale Battery Products: Duracell and Energizer Batteries. Supermarket Distributors of America stocks 9 Volt, AA, AAA, C, and D size Batteries. They come in 1 Pack, 2 Pack, and 4 Pack.

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We are all about customer service. SDA offers Next day shipping for orders placed before noon and all orders are scanned with bar code readers to insure order accuracy. We are able to ship your order with our trucks, by UPS or any other method you would like.