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If you're looking to purchase a fiber supplement you came to the right place. Supermarket Distributors of America distributes wholesale Metamucil a daily fiber supplement. The active ingredient psyllium husk works by absorbing water to form a gel in your stomach which traps sugars and carbohydrates that are regularly absorbed faster in your blood stream. Over time the Metamucil's gel helps by absorbing less sugar so your customers maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It also traps some cholesterol in the small intestines which is removed by waste. The gel bulks and softens in the large intestine as it traps and removes waste to help promote and maintain regularity. Using Metamucil packets or powder daily also makes you feel less hungry between meals therefore you may eat less. Stock bulk Metamucil products since it is the number one doctor recommended brand of fiber to increase your sales and make your customers healthier and more energetic.

Bulk Metamucil Sugar Free Orange Smooth

Proctor & Gamble manufactures wholesale Metamucil products to SDA which distributes to many resellers. There is a variety of different types available to purchase bulk Metamucil products. We stock a Metamucil Sugar Free Orange Smooth in a 6.1oz size. There's a Premium Blend Sugar Free with Stevia that we can order direct from P&G along with an unflavored Metamucil powder with sugar. For your customers that are always on the go P&G makes single packets in a 30ct. Metamucil is an effective and safe fiber supplement and is a gluten free product. It can be taken three times per day as a dietary fiber supplement, but always have your customers consult with their healthcare provider before using.

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