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If your women consumers are looking for relief to treat one or more of their period symptoms, you came to the right place. Purchase Midol products at a great deal from Supermarket Distributors of America to supply all of your customers at that time of the month. The three major active ingredients in Midol Complete helps to relieve many of those troublesome symptoms that come with their period. For pain relief there's Midol maximum strength acetaminophen, caffeine to help fight fatigue and reduce bloating, an antihistamine to ease water retention. SDA stocks wholesale Midol Complete which provides temporary relief of menstrual cramps, muscle & backaches, headache, bloating, water-weight gain, fatigue, and up to 6 hours of pain relief.

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Midol products are distributed by Bayer Healthcare. Besides Midol Complete there's Midol that relieves bloating and pain without the caffeine. It contains a maximum strength pain reliever and a diuretic to help reduce the annoying bloating feeling associated with period symptoms. Midol Long Lasting Relief has an extended-release formula which provides up to eight hours of pain relief for menstrual cramps, backaches, headaches, and muscle aches. There's also a Midol Teen specifically for your teenage daughter who experiences similar symptoms. Supermarket Distributors of America distributes wholesale Midol products to most stores women frequent so they will always be in stock.

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