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Summer's Eve is a brand of feminine hygiene products specifically made for women. They are produced by the C.B.Fleet Company which is a subsidiary of Prestige Brands. Supermarket Distributors of America has sold wholesale Summer's Eve cleansing wipes which are personal care items used by women and girls during and after their menstrual cycle. These feminine hygiene products are used to cleanse in and around women's delicate areas. You can buy bulk Summer's Eve products such as douches, feminine powders, feminine cleansers, wholesale cleansing cloths, and also feminine spray. They all are made to work with a women's pH and provide a clean fresh scent. They are clinically tested by gynecologists and dermatologist tested. Summer's Eve also does not test their products or ingredients on animals.

Bulk Summer's Eve Douches & Feminine Hygiene

Summer's Eve is known for their line of douches which many women used to cleanse internally. They have expanded their product line which focuses on external cleansing to appeal to young girls and women who prefer not to douche. Buy wholesale Summers Eve Cleansing Wash which are available in assorted fragrances, for sensitive skin, and also one with no fragrance. They all give you 5 fresh benefits in one wash. Each one gently cleans and freshens, contains no dyes and parabens, pH-balanced, removes odor causing bacteria, and are clinically tested scents. For women on the go there are bulk Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths with the same 5 in 1 benefits in 16 individually wrapped cloths. They are great for when you just worked out or going out after work. Your customers receive the same fresh clean feeling anywhere when there's no time for a shower and gentle enough to use everyday. Summers Eve also makes Freshening Sprays in a variety of scents for a boost of freshness in a light powerful spray. Spray all over or whenever additional freshness is needed as well as on pads and undergarments. Summer's Eve Body Powders are a talc-free powder and are gentle enough to use on delicate skin for everyday use. It absorbs moisture, controls odors with a silky smooth formula. Purchasing wholesale Summers Eve feminine hygiene products will increase your sales in your women's personal care section.

Summer's Eve Cleansing Wipes Wholesale

26053SUMMERS EVE DEOD. SPRAY 2 oz ISLAND 0416080013273.45
26050SUMMERS EVE DEOD. SPRAY 2 oz POWDER 0416080013033.45
26054SUMMERS EVE DEOD. SPRAY 2 oz TROPIC 0416080013343.45
26036SUMMERS EVE TWIN PACK ISLAND0416080875432.17
26107SUMMERS EVE TWIN PACK ROMANCE 0416080875812.17
26148SUMMERS EVE WASH 9 oz BLOSSOM0416088703983.45
26147SUMMERS EVE WASH 9 oz SENSITIVE0416088704973.45

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